i'm doing this all for the thrill of it, killin it


Clueless (1995)


Clueless (1995)

Lana Del Rey for Polaroid.

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Aries: stop jackin off
Taurus: hoe and not ashamed of it
Gemini: fake
Cancer: crybaby ass
Leo: BIG Bitch and u fuckin kno it. u love it dont u.
Virgo: ethereal and always SO busy
Libra: basic
Scorpio: u are sleepy and powerful.
Sagittarius: probably like drinkin some healthy shit. u look good as hell too.
Capricorn: bitter
Aquarius: clean ur fingernails
Pisces: stop bein so stingy an love urself


Why one eyebrow always comin out Gucci and the other eyebrow comin out Walmart

Drake Help Me Through This

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